Five Sentence Fiction – Whisper


The moons were full above the endless sea, glowing a dull red as they slowly moved through the dark of a midsummer’s night. Uncoiling my tail, I sat down on the edge of the cliff and listened for the voice. It had been calling me since my last birthday, a whisper which was loud enough to drown out my family, my friends, my hopes, my dreams, even my fears. Its mantra now came in a staccato beat, becoming a scream daring me to resist, “Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump! JumpJumpJumpJumpJump!” The wind whistled past my ears as I plummeted, and at the last, the whisper was quiet.


9 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Whisper”

  1. oh my. This is really good.

  2. A leaving the nest senario, taking that leap in to the unknown. This is something we all need to do now and then to develop on our path in life. Well done.

  3. Intense, excellent imagery. I am thinking this is not necessarily the end.

  4. Wow. This is so good. The descriptions are vivid; the ultimate sacrifice to stop those whispers. . . .. x

  5. This left me wanting to know more of this world and its creatures. Very intriguing.

  6. Very well done – excellent pacing and a poignant use of the prompt.

  7. I could hear the urgent command speeding up and growing louder until it could no longer be resisted. A very engaging piece, thanks!

  8. I could hear and smell this sea in your story. I like the contrast between your langourous sentences and the command to jump. Very well crafted.

  9. Stunning writing…my imagination hooked a dragon, uncoiling its tail and plunging then swooping…whether I’m right or wrong, it’s beautiful!

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