#VisDare 10 – Whimsy

Angela, you asked for whimsy, you got whimsy.

Prompt: http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com/2013/03/visdare-10-whimsy.html

“Have you ever wondered if there is life on other walls?”

Everyone ignored Maladroit, as usual. He was always slithering too close to the Forbidden Crack, and no one would mate with him, not even One-Eyed Maryellen, and she was the ugliest snail anyone in the colony had ever seen.

It was the day after a storm, and as usual, all of the snails were busy. The leaves which had blown down from the trees were stuck to their wall, and the snails were feasting and giving thanks to Saint Serviceberry.

Suddenly, a shadow fell over the colony. The snails all began pulling into their shells, hoping the monster would pass them by.

All of the snails, that is, except Maladroit. He was hurrying (as much as a snail could hurry) towards the Forbidden Crack. The monster had reached out towards the wall, and as the other snails looked on in horror, Maladroit began leaning out over the edge, climbing onto the monster’s appendage.

The last thing any of the snails ever heard Maladroit say as he was carried away into the great unknown was “To go boldly where no snail had gone before!”

For while Maladroit was a most unusual snail in most respects, even he would not split an infinitive.


One Response to “#VisDare 10 – Whimsy”

  1. HA! This is brilliant. Whimsical, snarky brilliance.

    I’m going to buy a dog and name him Maladroit. Tee hee.

    The names crack me up. The whole tone of this made me giggle the whole way through. 🙂

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