Flash! Friday #15

I had a little fun with this week’s Flash Friday. Enjoy.

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/flash-friday-15/

Pure. Uncorrupt. Clean.

If the Monks were after you, you had done something wrong. And you would be caught.

Pure. Anonymous. Clean.

The cowls of their robes hid their faces from the world, protected them from dangers seen and unseen. But they did not hide the world from the Monks.

Clean. Pure. Sterile.

From the ruins of a great age they came, the scions of the legacy of the great one. After the war, the world became unmoored, and much that had been known became twisted, mutated, new.

The Monks preached no dogma, except the coming of the one who would right the most grievous wrongs. The one who would protect the innocent and return humanity to a path toward the light.

Uncorrupt. Pure. Clean.

For in the coming of the age of the Adrian, all would be seen. All would be known. All would be safe.

Clean. Sterile. Joyous.


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