Five Sentence Fiction – Conquer


Simon inched closer to the cliff’s edge, hoping that somehow, he would be able to see what was going on below without being seen himself. The sounds of the battle were horrific – snarls, wailing, screams of anguish cutting off suddenly, and blasts from myriad weapons, some which sounded like guns, and some which sounded like nothing he’d ever heard before. He didn’t know why the umbrella had brought him here, but he knew where here was – the last stand of humans against the monsters. There would be other battles, and years before there weren’t enough people anywhere in the world left to kill, but this was the key, and after this, the future he and Emily had gone to became inevitable. He hoped that he’d see something which he could bring back to the others and change the past and the future, or he’d merely be the last surviving witness to the conquering of humanity.


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