Thurs Threads – week 64


Simon held the rifle gingerly, not wanting it to accidentally go off and kill someone. He’d fought against the idea of even carrying a weapon for a very long time, but he knew the others looked at him as their leader, and he couldn’t send them into dangerous places that he wasn’t able to go.

And he knew they’d be going into an awful lot of dangerous places. For a long time to come.

“The safety’s on, Simon – it won’t fire until you’re ready. And hold on tight – this baby’s got a kick. You want it to hurt whatever you’re aiming at, not you.” Pater had grown up in this time, and he was comfortable around guns in a way that Simon was saddened by. Pater had learned how to use a gun as a child not as a hobby, but because once he was big enough, it became his responsibility to protect his family.

“Once you’re set, you aim…like this.” Pater demonstrated the stance and raised his rifle. “The barrel will look like it’s aimed too high, but gravity will pull the bullet down. Ignore the barrel – use the sight. If the sight’s broken, guess and pray.”

Simon copied the stance, raised his rifle, and aimed. Once he centered the target in the crosshairs, he felt surprisingly calm. The target was no longer a chunk of wood; it was a monster, and it was coming for Emily. He fired, and knew without looking that he’d hit it dead-center.


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