Flash! Friday #17

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2013/03/29/flash-friday-17/

Driven off the beach by the cold January wind, Simon and Emily moved inland, hoping to find some shelter from the icy spray. As they rounded the northeast corner of what had once been St. Andrews, Scotland, they came upon the ruins of the cathedral. It had fallen long before the rest of humanity, but some of the walls still stood stoutly enough to provide respite from the storm. The gravestones in the cemetery were worn smooth by the wind, except for the odd name here or date there.

Emily wrapped her arms around Simon, feeling his warmth radiating even through his overcoat. They were lost in time, one day witnesses to the end of humanity, the next surrounded by more faces than they could count, thousands and millions and billions of people unaware of how short a time they’d be around to worry about whatever it was that was consuming them that day. But standing here with the man she loved, in what was left of a building that had been painstakingly built, stone by stone, so long before she was born that it was hard to fathom, she felt a sense of peace which had been eluding her since they first saw the monsters. She felt home.


2 Responses to “Flash! Friday #17”

  1. Oh this is just fabulous! So rich and evocative. Stunning.

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