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#VisDare 11 – Whorl

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Simon lifted the umbrella close to his face and concentrated. His voice was barely a whisper as he breathed “Show me. Show me the past that should have been.”

Every other time the umbrella had taken him somewhere, the journey had been instantaneous – it Flickered, and they were gone. This time, however, he could feel it happening. The world dimmed slowly, then brightened again, and then the air started to spin. He realized that the Flickering he’d always seen before wasn’t a flashing of light, but rather reality whizzing by at speeds too fast to perceive, the lights and darks of the world blending into a chiaroscuro. The spinning accelerated, and the edges of his vision began to dim as he found himself pulled into a patternless whirlpool.

And then out of the chaos came order. Even though he was sitting in a dark room, Simon saw trees, and a pond, and a building in the distance. As the image cleared, a large red and grey sign on the lawn became distinct. On it was a seven-pointed star.


Flash! Friday #15

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I had a little fun with this week’s Flash Friday. Enjoy.


Pure. Uncorrupt. Clean.

If the Monks were after you, you had done something wrong. And you would be caught.

Pure. Anonymous. Clean.

The cowls of their robes hid their faces from the world, protected them from dangers seen and unseen. But they did not hide the world from the Monks.

Clean. Pure. Sterile.

From the ruins of a great age they came, the scions of the legacy of the great one. After the war, the world became unmoored, and much that had been known became twisted, mutated, new.

The Monks preached no dogma, except the coming of the one who would right the most grievous wrongs. The one who would protect the innocent and return humanity to a path toward the light.

Uncorrupt. Pure. Clean.

For in the coming of the age of the Adrian, all would be seen. All would be known. All would be safe.

Clean. Sterile. Joyous.

#ThursThreads week 62

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The two travelers reached the gully during a brief respite from the rains one morning late in the last year. The full moon was setting in the western sky, bloated and red, casting its diseased glow over the riverbed; the swollen river frothing with the jetsam of a lost world. On a hillock near the far side of the river was a rough shack, the bodies of its most recent occupants lying mangled and decaying in the doorway. Alastair spit out the scabflower seed he’d been chewing and cursed. “Fuck, man, there’s a babe there. No goddamned justice anymore.”

“No goddamned much of anything anymore. What good is justice?” Sebastian was the younger of the two, and he faced the end with equal parts equanimity and callousness. “There’d better be a place to cross this river. I didn’t walk all the way from New China not to.”

“There will be, you jackass. And you didn’t walk from New China – I saw you get off that stolen ‘copt back at the spaceport. Now shut up. We just have to go north a bit.” Alastair hefted his pack and began shambling along the bank, dragging his lame right leg with each step.

Sebastian popped a scabflower seed in his mouth and followed. Not that he knew it, nor would he have cared, but the man who in the very near future would be the last on Earth walked the same path as the one who’d taken the first steps, back before time.

#VisDare 10 – Whimsy

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Angela, you asked for whimsy, you got whimsy.


“Have you ever wondered if there is life on other walls?”

Everyone ignored Maladroit, as usual. He was always slithering too close to the Forbidden Crack, and no one would mate with him, not even One-Eyed Maryellen, and she was the ugliest snail anyone in the colony had ever seen.

It was the day after a storm, and as usual, all of the snails were busy. The leaves which had blown down from the trees were stuck to their wall, and the snails were feasting and giving thanks to Saint Serviceberry.

Suddenly, a shadow fell over the colony. The snails all began pulling into their shells, hoping the monster would pass them by.

All of the snails, that is, except Maladroit. He was hurrying (as much as a snail could hurry) towards the Forbidden Crack. The monster had reached out towards the wall, and as the other snails looked on in horror, Maladroit began leaning out over the edge, climbing onto the monster’s appendage.

The last thing any of the snails ever heard Maladroit say as he was carried away into the great unknown was “To go boldly where no snail had gone before!”

For while Maladroit was a most unusual snail in most respects, even he would not split an infinitive.

Five Sentence Fiction – Whisper

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The moons were full above the endless sea, glowing a dull red as they slowly moved through the dark of a midsummer’s night. Uncoiling my tail, I sat down on the edge of the cliff and listened for the voice. It had been calling me since my last birthday, a whisper which was loud enough to drown out my family, my friends, my hopes, my dreams, even my fears. Its mantra now came in a staccato beat, becoming a scream daring me to resist, “Jump. Jump. Jump. Jump! JumpJumpJumpJumpJump!” The wind whistled past my ears as I plummeted, and at the last, the whisper was quiet.

The first thing I’ve written for Part II

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Simon checked that the safety was off on his rifle and turned the handle to open the pressure hatch from the underground bunker. The shelling last night had been fierce, and he didn’t think that there was much of a chance that there’d be anyone there, but he wasn’t about to take any chances. He took one last look down at Emily and the rest of their companions, nodded, and then shouldered the hatch open.

The fields were indeed empty, as he’d suspected, but the destruction was so much more than he was ready for. The earth still smoked from whatever had been used to set fire to the nearby villages, and the air was filled with the acrid stink of chemicals. One by one, the six of them climbed free of the bunker and began the trek to the next safe point. The umbrella’s direction sense was unerring, and it guided Simon from its perch on his back with subtle nudges.

The band walked past a charred oak, the last sign that anything had ever lived in this field. Two short lengths of rope, as black as the rest of the tree, hung an arm’s length apart from a stout branch a few feet over their heads. Emily could remember the sounds of the children who’d lived in the farmhouse echoing through the night as they’d secreted themselves in the bunker, and shuddered. She dropped a hand down to her stomach and decided that she’d tell Simon tonight, although she was worried how he’d react, especially now that he had so much responsibility on his shoulders.

Five Sentence Fiction – Empty

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The minstrel smiled, a dismaying and awful thing, his grin a slash of hate beneath eyes filled with malice, and I knew I’d come to the right place. “Eliot was a fool; what I hold in my hand isn’t something as trivial and ephemeral as dust. There is no mighty king, seated on a throne of gold, no great champion, victor of a lifetime of battles, no magisterial vizard, commanding the supernatural forces of a million realms, no ordinary man, alone with his miserable thoughts, who is not afraid beyond telling of my prize. You think you’re ready, that you can command this power, bend it to your will, but you are wrong, and for this sin, you will pay.” He rotated his arm slowly, opening his clenched fingers to reveal the void within, and in the empty recesses of my soul, I came to know fear.