VisDare 13 – Atmospheric


The fog that rolled in off the lake grew thicker throughout the day, and as the sun began sinking, Simon could no longer see anything within a few feet of the ground. He knew they’d come again tonight, and in greater numbers than before. Even though Walter had tried repeatedly to explain what had been done to create the monsters, the details of the science were over Simon’s head. What he remembered clearly, however, was Walter’s assertion that the monsters were both less than human and more than human. They’d never be able to function in groups for anything but feeding, but they were able to overcome complex obstacles, strong, fast, vicious, and utterly unresponsive to pleas for mercy.

He’d heard them feeding the last few nights, but few had come close enough to notice him. From his makeshift bunker, he’d been able to shoot those few that came his way, but he’d been immobile for too many days in a row. They had his scent, he was no longer able to see them and had lost his only advantage, and he was growing weaker. For the hundredth, and last, time that day, Simon looked down at his right leg and grimaced. The doctors in Emily’s time would have a hard time getting him to walk again, and he was very afraid that the step he’d taken into the trap was destined to be his last one.

Thinking of Emily made his eyes water. He hadn’t said goodbye, and he hadn’t even been able to see his children even once. He’d been here for six weeks, and while he’d learned much that would help them stop the monsters, all the knowledge in the world wouldn’t do any good if he died here, alone, torn apart by the creatures that killed billions of others.

Before the fog had come, Simon had spent the day talking to the umbrella, hoping to get whatever power which controlled it to act, to save him, but it remained inert. Darkness came, and as the fog enveloped him, he steeled himself for what he imagined would be his last stand. The night sounds were magnified in his mind, and every hoot of an owl or droplet of water sounded like a monster right next to him. But his terror never turned to panic. He’d seen too much to truly believe this was the end, no matter what the evidence said.

From the direction of the lake came a rustling noise, and then another, and then another. They’d be coming for him in a group tonight, and he twisted to face the sound as best as he could, gritting his teeth to keep from crying out as the trap pulled on his leg. The rustling grew louder, and he raised the rifle, hoping he was accurately perceiving their positions. His only hopes lay in miracles, from the umbrella, dumb luck in targeting without sight, or blind happenstance.

When he knew the sounds were in range, Simon squeezed the trigger and took his first shot. It hit something, for there was a scream. And the cry of a baby.

Make that the cries of two babies.


One Response to “VisDare 13 – Atmospheric”

  1. You did not. YOU DIDN’T.
    If you did, I promise I will not be your friend any more.

    Well…okay. We can still be friends. But if you killed Emily, you’ve a lot of explaining to do. ;P

    (Read: Well done, friend! Way to up the suspense!!!) 🙂

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