Flash!Friday, week 18

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2013/04/05/flash-friday-18/comment-page-1/

The professor looked over the edge of the basket, grimacing as he strained to make out features on the ground. “Is that Kansas? It sure doesn’t look like Kansas.”

Sitting in the corner of the basket, I shuddered, wondering how he could lean out so far over the edge when we were this far off the ground. Me, I had to close my eyes to climb into this infernal thing when it was on the ground. I couldn’t even ride a tall horse. If I’d known how much time I’d be spending flying, there’s no way I would have signed on with him, no matter how charismatic or persuasive he was to my mother. But I didn’t know, and what the Professor wanted, he got. And he wanted me.

Or, more specifically, the MVPM system I’d developed.

That’s Multi-Verse Positioning Magic, for the uneducated. I could pinpoint where we were to within a half-furlong, whether we were in Kansas, Oz, Vulcan, Pern, or in VRspace.

And since he couldn’t control his balloon – at all – he needed to know where he’d ended up each time he flew.

“No, Professor,” I said through our telepathic link, “it’s not Kansas. Not even Earth, I’m afraid. Says here … Magrathea.”


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