ThursThreads – week 66


“What’s bothering you, honeybucket?”

“Is there something wrong with me, mom? Sally was saying that I was still a baby because my ooze hadn’t turned pink, and that no boy would ever mix ooze with me.”

Mom slithered over to me. Oh, how I wanted to be like her – her ooze was such an iridescent pink that it glowed in the dark. She was the most beautiful gelatinous cube in the kingdom – it was almost awkward the way all the guys phosphored when they saw her. She pressed up against me and shared her warmth the way she had when I was a little cube, but I didn’t want to be reminded that I still wanted her to take care of me. 

“I thought that might be it. I know it’s hard, but don’t worry too much – my ooze didn’t turn pink until I was eighteen, and you’re only sixteen…”

“And never been kissed! Not even once!”

“But honey – you don’t have a mouth.”


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