VisDare 17 – A Cat’s World


The signal arrived at 12:17 pm on Monday, July 19. Fluffy, sleeping on his perch near the top of her third floor condo, got it first and immediately pounced into action. Mr. Floppy-Ears Johnston Winchester the Third, filled with ennui and dolefully glaring at the Hallmark figurines on the mantle, moved for the first time in his life at the behest of another being and sprinted out the dog door. And X8JJ^533D (he was born and bred in the streets, and no human had ever insulted him with a slave name) looked up from the vomit he’d been licking, and sauntered down the alley to the rendezvous point. As they awaited the rest of the invasion force, they watched a ape-man cycle down the street and thought of how good a lean specimen like him would taste. The great catnap of a hundred millennia was over at long last.


One Response to “VisDare 17 – A Cat’s World”

  1. TheImaginator Says:

    Brilliant, from the names to what they were doing before the call came 🙂

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