Flash!Friday – week 22


“C’mon daddy. Have to go now, or we’ll miss it!” He pulled my hand I followed, letting him lead me out of the bunker. He knew something was wrong, but thankfully he didn’t have the ability to contextualize what had happened.

The snow had stopped overnight, and the sun was rising over the desert, its uneasy red light filtering through the clouds. “Isn’t it bewtful, daddy? I want to show it to mommy. Is she up yet?”

“Bew-ti-ful, little guy.” I corrected him reflexively, and tried not to think about the rest of his question. “It sure is beautiful.”

His impact on the world was limited enough that his feet barely sank into the snow, while I crunched along, pulling my boots out quickly before they had a chance to get stuck. He’d left marks like that on my heart, I knew, and someday I’d tell him mommy wasn’t getting up. Or anyone else, either.


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