“We happy, Vincent?”

The question seemed to come from miles away, even though Jules was in the next room. Once he’d retrieved their prize from its repository, its song dominated his consciousness. It was a song he’d heard his whole life without knowing what it was, but now that he was in its presence, all of the questions he’d ever had were answered.

Vincent wrestled the portmanteau from the cupboard and wiped dust from the keyhole. It had been in there a long time, and he wondered idly if he was touching dust that’d been here during the time of the Old Ones. He pulled the key from where it lay upon his chest and slipped the leather thong over his head. It slid easily into the lock, and as soon as the tumblers turned, the effulgent glow from the inside merged with the song and told him his destiny.

With great apologies to Quentin Tarantino, of course.


2 Responses to “#MondayMixer”

  1. I think the concertina has a mystery or two behind the buttons. I too had a bit of mystery. Nicely tuned…

  2. There’s a lovely reverence in this piece, and it left me wanting more…

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