Flash!Friday – 23

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2013/05/10/flash-friday-23/

“You know the old theory that if you don’t know you can’t do something, you can? Well, it’s true.”

That always got the same reaction.

“What … exactly, were you trying to do?”

I reached up and down and scratched my heads. Blimey, how stupid questions made me itch.

“I was wondering if people in China fell upwards.” No, I wasn’t. That would have been stupid. And only the most gullible bought it anymore.

“I got a little too excited listening to Lionel Richie singing ‘Dancing on the Ceiling.’” The customers hated that one, but I loved it. Was it my fault that no one remembered 1980’s pop anymore?

“I was reading a book about cloning, but it was upside-down.” That one, at least, was closer to the truth, if still a bald-faced lie.

“I was thinking about how mirrors reverse everything right-to-left not up-and-down, and looked in a mirror while lying on my side.” That was my favorite, because it confused everyone, unless they remembered what they’d learned in physics.

If that got a laugh, and they were good sports about the whole thing, I’d take pity on them and tell them my secret.


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