Five Sentence Fiction – Goggles


The strap on the goggles had gotten knotted again in her backpack, and this time the rubber had pulled itself into a configuration that was impervious to even the most dexterous of human fingers. She threw them across the hotel room and felt the tears come – her eyes were going to sting from saltwater one way or another today. This whole trip was a stupid idea anyway, fueled by one too many Hallmark movies about fate bringing people back together, and he wasn’t going to come walking across the beach, smiling crookedly and making her heart melt, no matter what she did. The tears eventually stopped, as they always did, and she retrieved the goggles, her fingers pulling and teasing at the knot until she felt it start to loosen, and suddenly she could breathe again. Down the hall in room 714, the enchantress smiled.


One Response to “Five Sentence Fiction – Goggles”

  1. Aw, I’ve had days like that…maybe I’ve got an evil enchantress wrecking my day too!

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