#VisDare 19 – Mirror

Prompt: http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com/2013/05/visdare-19-mirror.html

“You said the monsters can’t swim, right?”

“Right. Shh!” The mirror was heavy, and the pond was agitated, as if it knew what was coming. Caleb had to balance it, himself, and make sure little Allabelle didn’t wander out of his range, and she just would not shut up. Of course, he reminded himself, the monster wanted to eat her, not him. “Just a little farther, honey. When we’re done, I’ll fly us back to the castle, but you gotta be extra quiet.”

The image of Allabelle in his mind nodded solemnly, but he could see the fear on her face. They had to finish this soon, or all hell would break loose.

“We’re here. Now, you know what you need to do. Call the monsters, and when they come for you, I’ll make them hit the water instead. We’ll fly away, and you’ll be safe.”

Her little arms slipped around his leg, and he tried to make her feel a confidence he wasn’t sure he had. This might work. But then again, they might end up like her older sister.

“You won’t leave me, Caleb?”
“Never. Now be strong for me, just one more time.”

She shuddered, fighting the tears, and nodded again. “I’m ready.” Allabelle straightened her back and looked deep in the mirror. “Mommy? Daddy?”


One Response to “#VisDare 19 – Mirror”

  1. WOOOOAAAHHHH. I love this break from Simon (though I want more Simon episodes STAT, y’hear?)….but really. There are so many ways that this can be interpreted, but I”m going with what seems the more overt meaning —– that the child has been abused and Mommy and Daddy are the ones that need their comeuppance. I need to know more about this one. Maybe when you finish Simon’s tale? Yes? Pretty please?

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