#VisDare 21 – Diverge

Prompt: http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com/2013/05/visdare-21-diverge.html

When she saw the coffin falling out of the hearse, Allabelle knew that she’d gone too far. She had just wanted to see her sister one more time – they hadn’t let her near Natalia during the funeral, and now they were going to stick her into the ground. That wasn’t fair. Even Caleb knew that, but he’d never say so in front of their parents. Her fear had overwhelmed her, and the horse panicked, being unaccustomed to hearing the cries of a small girl in its mind.

Mommy and Daddy didn’t look angry as they walked back to the carriage she shared with Caleb, but she knew they were. She felt it, like the empty spot on the cushions where Natalia had sat on other, happier rides. Daddy opened the door, and she knew they were staring at her, even as her eyes stayed glued to the floor.


“It was me, Father. I was trying to show Allabelle her lessons, so she wouldn’t fall behind.”

Allabelle couldn’t speak. Why would Caleb say such a thing? Even if they believed him, which they wouldn’t, the punishment would be harsh. He didn’t even glance her way as he held Daddy’s eyes with his, and she wondered where this brother had always been. Maybe Natalia knew. The fear dragged on, and grew, as the silence in the carriage was broken only by the sounds of the coachmen loading Natalia’s coffin back into the hearse. Eventually, the procession was ready to resume.

“You are strong, boy, but not strong enough. And still a fool, as you have always been. To think I would not know her magic from yours? Pah! But if you want to pay a price, I am more than happy to collect.” Daddy turned away from her brother and spoke to Allabelle this time. “You are growing up too quickly for that childish name. Allastascia was a gift to you from your grandmother, and you will respect that, do you hear? And do not think your brother’s lies have excused you from punishment. With Natalia gone, there is much to be done, and you will take her place alongside your mother.”


3 Responses to “#VisDare 21 – Diverge”

  1. I have read through twice – I am intrigued – wizards/witches? I enjoyed the father’s dialogue and your take on the prompt- well done.

  2. Coupled with your earlier Alalbelle entry, this makes for an intriguing read. Dark, mysterious, but with the barest thread of hope winding throughout. I know you have other WIPs that you are working on ( 😉 ) but I also hope that you will make time to work on this idea as well. Definitely a deeply textured story, waiting to happen! Maybe with future VisDares….?

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