Five Sentence Fiction – Desolate


I walked, although there was nowhere to walk. I spoke, although there was no one to hear and no air to carry the sound of my voice. I dreamed, although there was no night and no day. I thought, although I did not exist. In the end, the world was without form, and void.


9 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Desolate”

  1. The very essence of ‘desolate’, and along with your story, you’ve pared your writing down to match the prompt. Very nicely done. :)))

  2. I resonate with this feeling of emotional desolation.

  3. A tremendous piece of writing. As Jo-Anne said, ‘the very essence of desolation’.

  4. Oh my gosh. Such a powerful piece. You really have captured desolation. I felt it as I read. xx

  5. Such a strong portrayal of desolation. Particularly like the first two sentences.

  6. What a moving capture of desolation. Completely there with this one.

  7. You captured the prompt perfectly.

  8. Power writing and definitely a desolate one!

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