#VisDare 22 – Flight of Fancy

Prompt: http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com/2013/05/visdare-22-flight-of-fancy.html

As far back as she could remember, Natalia loved Midsummer’s Day as much as she hated Midsummer’s Night. The villagers were allowed to put down their burdens for a day, and they celebrated like they were princes of their realm, with utter abandon and joy. She snuck to the windows of the castle whenever there was a break in the preparation for the Dance and listened to their music and laughter and wished, each and every year, that she was with them and not with Mother and Father.

But as the last vestiges of red left the western sky, the revelry took on a more frantic tone. Children were sent to bed, and the wine flowed more freely. The villagers knew what was coming, and though they had no hope to resist, they could numb the pain.

The first chimes of the midnight bell echoed throughout the village as her family stepped from the road. Mommy was in front, as always, followed by Daddy. She and Caleb lagged behind, ostensibly helping Allabelle along. With a wave of her right hand, Mommy ended the peasant tune and caused the musicians to begin playing her favorite song, a waltz from centuries past, from when Mommy was young. Daddy clapped once, and spun on his left toe – once, twice, thrice – the dust kicking up from around his boot and swirling into the gathering. All whom it touched were lifted, spinning, Dancing, into the moonlight. Some had resisted, when Natalia was much younger, but none these days.

The Dance lasted until dawn, only Mommy and Daddy showing no signs of exhaustion. She and Caleb stood at the edge of the village, watching, not joining, but not leaving. Never leaving. Natalia had earned a glare from Daddy when she had hefted a sleepy Allabelle into her arms, allowing her to rest her little head on her left shoulder, but she stayed there all night, watching the Dance until it reached its conclusion.

As the drained and abused villagers were released from the spells and dropped to the ground, Mommy and Daddy bowed, as if they were thanking a virtuoso performer, and led their children back to the castle.


One Response to “#VisDare 22 – Flight of Fancy”

  1. Oooo. Hypnotically creepy. Reminds me strongly of the historical record we have of the “Dancing Plague” that afflicted parts of Europe in the early 16th century. A lot of people did blame the phenomena on witchcraft or evil spirits. Positively some of the weirdest stuff I’ve ever read about. This puts a face on the phenomenon, although I know this is really another episode of the Anabelle story. Would love to see more….!

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