Flash Friday #26

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2013/05/31/flash-friday-26/

The magenta-hued sunrise frightened Timmy, but Mister Woofs said that the sun was okay. It was just the strontium in the air, and besides, this was the color of the sky on Mister Woofs’ home planet. Timmy knew that Mister Woofs had come from very far away, and was very old and very smart. He always did what Mister Woofs told him. When he was younger, that meant that sometimes Mommy or Daddy got angry, but then Daddy died and Timmy had been in his closet fortress when the soldier men had come to take Mommy away, and the fighting stopped.

There weren’t many people on the street this morning, and those who Timmy saw looked very scared. When they saw Mister Woofs, they turned very pale and ran away. Timmy didn’t understand that, because Mister Woofs was his best friend in the whole wide world, but Mister Woofs told him that these were bad people who knew they would get punished, and so that made sense.

Timmy had never walked this far, and his feet were very tired. Mommy would not let him cross the street on his own, and she had told him he was never allowed to play in the woods, even with a friend. But Mister Woofs said they had to hurry, so Timmy ran. He’d never heard Mister Woofs get angry at him, but he knew that this wasn’t playtime, and he’d better do what he was told. The woods were dark, and the magenta glow made the trees look like they were moving. Mister Woofs told Timmy to stop being silly, that the trees were just trees, and he needed to watch where he was going so that he didn’t trip.

The hill in the center of the woods wasn’t tall, but it was a very high hill to Timmy, and his feet hurt so very much when they got to the top. There was a rocket at the top of the hill, and Timmy saw that he was not the only child there. There were lots of boys and girls there, each carrying their own Mister Woofs. They were lined up to get on the rocket, and Timmy knew that he would be going on a great adventure.

He made his way into the rocket and found a seat next to a girl not much older than him. Her Mister Woofs was pink, with a big bow on its head, and she and Timmy pretended to have their Mister Woofs talk to each other as the rocket took off. Had Timmy been tall enough to see out the window, he would have seen that as his rocket climbed high into the stars, other rockets were falling down. Later that day, the sky no longer glowed magenta, for there was no sky anymore. Mister Woofs was glad.


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