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I haven’t mentioned it here, but I “won” JuNoWriMo! Hit 50,000 words on Tuesday. The book is around 66,000 now. It’s not done, but it’s close. Didn’t know if I could do it, but it’s done!

#JuNoWriMo excerpt – 3

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I’m nearing done – about 8000 words to go. For your enjoyment, bemusement, disdain, or just to ignore.


By the afternoon of the fifth day, their concerns were at a peak. Simon was extremely pale, and he didn’t have the energy to keep his eyes open for very long, and when he did, he couldn’t speak above a whisper. Everyone was gathered around him, trying, but failing, to talk about positive things, when they heard the footfalls in the brush behind them. Walter stood there, carrying a rifle. “Hello again. Do you think you might be more willing to listen to me now?”

“Listen to you? You’re part of the reason he’s like this. Why would we listen to you?” Emily’s voice was ragged, but it was filled with contempt.

“You know why. I can heal him.” Walter paused. “If he does what I want.”

Simon struggled to sit up when he heard Walter’s voice. “It doesn’t want you. You know that. I can’t give it to you.”

“I know. It would be so much easier if you could. I could kill as many of you as it took to get it, and then go away and never have to see your obnoxious faces again. But things don’t want to work that way, so we’ll do it the harder way. And for that, I need him alive, and willing to do what I ask.

“I’ve told you that I’ll let you go when I get what I want. Anywhere, any time in history. Of course, dragging Simon along, sick like that, would be a pain. But I can fix that.”

“Do you promise you’ll let us go? And heal him?”

“I haven’t lied to you. Well, not about that.”

Simon motioned weakly to Emily. “No. Don’t let him.”

“But you could die. You will die.”

“I know. Remember – I have to. We all do. That’s what they told me. If he heals me, we’ll never stop it. The monsters will win.”

“I don’t want to lose you. I’ve missed you so much.”

“You won’t. You have Daniel, and Teresa. And if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that the future isn’t as set in stone as we might have thought.” Simon coughed again, and it took a very long time for him to stop. When the coughing finally came to an end, he closed his eyes, his breathing very shallow.

“It’s now or never – he’s done for if you don’t let me help.”

Letting Simon go was the most difficult thing Emily had ever chosen to do, but she couldn’t let Walter heal him when he’d specifically asked for him not to. She leaned over and kissed him, and then looked up at Walter, her voice weak. “Never, I think.”

Simon opened his eyes one more time and smiled at his wife. “Thank you.”

Walter had a desperate look on his face. “Hey, Simon – before you go. If you don’t say yes, I’ll kill your wife. Your kids. Your friends. And then I’ll figure out how to take the umbrella and go back and kill your family.” He raised his rifle and aimed it at Emily. “Now!”

His last gambit failed, however, as the last breath passed through Simon’s lips and he fell limp back into Emily’s arms.

Jenna cried out and Pater raised his own gun to aim at Walter. “You did this.”

“I tried to save him. Not that it matters now. He’s gone, and none of us will get the umbrella. Enjoy failure.

“And shoot me if you want. It won’t do anything. And then I’ll enjoy killing you.”

Simon’s hand opened, and the umbrella fell to the ground with a soft thump. Watching from a distance, Aiden felt his heart sink, and he started to run forward. Then he saw the umbrella lift itself off the ground and start to glow, soft and blue. As everyone watched, transfixed, it drifted over to Emily and hovered in front of her. Having seen what it could do to people who tried to take it against its will, she reached out her hand slowly, tentatively, until she felt her fingers close around the wooden handle. Walter cried out, and raised his gun to fire at Emily, but as he shot, she vanished, along with the motionless body of her husband.

#JuNoWriMo excerpt – 2

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Another glimpse into the developing story.

Simon had seen the Atlantic many times, growing up in New York, and traveling to his family’s summer home on Long Island, but the Pacific had always been a mythical thing, the ocean sailed by explorers on their way to strange lands and to visit new cultures. The salt air had been drawing them in since they’d gotten off the bus, and for a moment, they stood on the beach, looking out over the water. Simon had heard the stories of Lewis and Clark in school, and he couldn’t help but imagine what they must have thought, after traveling thousands of miles through absolute wilderness to encounter this vastness.

Just as they were beginning to wonder whether they should make camp for the night – the moon was barely a sliver, and it was not a good night for hiking over the rock-strewn beach – the umbrella gave a tug, almost jerking Simon over. It wanted them to keep going to the south, and quickly. Motioning quickly to his companions, he began hurrying southward along the beach, moving as rapidly as he safely could in the low light.

They reached the end of the beach after an hour or so, the southernmost tip of the beach capped by a long rock jetty, echoing with the sounds of waves pounding from the night-time breezes. A lone figure stood on the rocks, right arm outstretched toward the sky. In the dim light, it was difficult to tell for sure, but they couldn’t imagine it was anyone other than Walter. A dark shape moved through the air over his head, and his hand grasped whatever it was before his arm lowered. He held this new object in his hands, considering it for a bit, and slowly, Emily realized that she could see Walter more clearly. It wasn’t that her eyes were adjusting to the darkness – the object in his hands was glowing. When she realized it was an umbrella, she cried out, and the sound carried easily in the emptiness of the beach.

Walter turned and saw them on the beach behind him, holding his glowing talisman close to his chest. He didn’t move towards them, but Simon felt the umbrella tug him towards the jetty. He couldn’t resist the pull, and pulled the umbrella from its sheath to see it glowing as well. When he reached the rocks, he saw Walter’s umbrella begin to flicker, and then suddenly, he vanished. The umbrella in his hands was getting almost unbearably bright, and he turned to his companions, frozen in place a hundred years away from him on the beach. Then, without a single flicker, he vanished as well.


#JuNoWriMo excerpt – 1

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Just a glimpse into what I’ve been writing.

Simon felt his eyes tear up. To him, the death of so many people was a horror, to be sure, but he hadn’t known any of them – other than Marcus. He hadn’t lost his family, or friends. His whole life hadn’t become war. And yet, he understood loss. He had a family, and a life, back in 1878. Everything that had happened to him since he found the umbrella had been so exciting that he hadn’t thought a lot about them, but his father must have wondered if something had gone wrong when he didn’t show up at work. Had they grieved for him? Would he ever see them again, to let them know he was okay? And what was it like for all of the people of this time, each of whom had lost so much. He heard a noise to his right and saw Emily, weeping openly. This situation was beyond him, and he started to shake.

Only Pater seemed unaffected by the emotion of the moment. He was sharpening a knife, and his expression was unreadable. They sat there for what seemed a very long time, crying together, the only other sound the rasp of Pater’s knife against stone. When the initial burst of weeping settled, Pater spoke, in a voice that betrayed much more emotion than his face showed.

“I killed my own son, not long after this started. He was eight, and he’d caught the bug at school. I found out later one of his classmates had a mom who worked at a Genomatics facility, but it was much too late by then. I was much bigger and stronger than him normally, but it made him vicious. One night, he went to bed as my boy, and the next morning, he wasn’t. I woke up to him clawing at my face, and snarling. He’d killed his mom as she made breakfast in the kitchen, biting…

“Whoo. I haven’t thought about this in a very long time. I thought I had seen enough to protect myself, but I guess not. Anyway, we fought. I killed him, and left my house that morning. I haven’t even come close to going back to Houston since then. There was no point. Jenna, I have no idea what would change if this whole thing had never happened. And I don’t know why you love an old man like me, but after that day in Houston, if you’d asked me if I’d ever know a happy day again, I’d have sent you off to join my family, and I was wrong. I don’t fight for me anymore. I fight for you, and everyone here, but mostly you.

“Simon. Emily. I don’t understand this any better than you do. But if that umbrella has a way of changing it so that I never killed…Yeah, that’s worth thinking about.” He stuck his knife in its sheath and walked away from the camp. Jenna followed him, and the two of them slipped off behind a large pine tree just to the west.

Slow month here

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In case you don’t follow me on twitter (@drmagoo), I wanted to explain why you won’t see my usual output of writing here the next few weeks. Nothing’s wrong, but I’m participating in #JuNoWriMo, trying to turn the story of Simon and his wonderful umbrella into a more novel-length story. I’ll probably post a few excerpts over the month (I’ll try to find one for tonight), but the overall posting will slow down until July.