#JuNoWriMo excerpt – 2

Another glimpse into the developing story.

Simon had seen the Atlantic many times, growing up in New York, and traveling to his family’s summer home on Long Island, but the Pacific had always been a mythical thing, the ocean sailed by explorers on their way to strange lands and to visit new cultures. The salt air had been drawing them in since they’d gotten off the bus, and for a moment, they stood on the beach, looking out over the water. Simon had heard the stories of Lewis and Clark in school, and he couldn’t help but imagine what they must have thought, after traveling thousands of miles through absolute wilderness to encounter this vastness.

Just as they were beginning to wonder whether they should make camp for the night – the moon was barely a sliver, and it was not a good night for hiking over the rock-strewn beach – the umbrella gave a tug, almost jerking Simon over. It wanted them to keep going to the south, and quickly. Motioning quickly to his companions, he began hurrying southward along the beach, moving as rapidly as he safely could in the low light.

They reached the end of the beach after an hour or so, the southernmost tip of the beach capped by a long rock jetty, echoing with the sounds of waves pounding from the night-time breezes. A lone figure stood on the rocks, right arm outstretched toward the sky. In the dim light, it was difficult to tell for sure, but they couldn’t imagine it was anyone other than Walter. A dark shape moved through the air over his head, and his hand grasped whatever it was before his arm lowered. He held this new object in his hands, considering it for a bit, and slowly, Emily realized that she could see Walter more clearly. It wasn’t that her eyes were adjusting to the darkness – the object in his hands was glowing. When she realized it was an umbrella, she cried out, and the sound carried easily in the emptiness of the beach.

Walter turned and saw them on the beach behind him, holding his glowing talisman close to his chest. He didn’t move towards them, but Simon felt the umbrella tug him towards the jetty. He couldn’t resist the pull, and pulled the umbrella from its sheath to see it glowing as well. When he reached the rocks, he saw Walter’s umbrella begin to flicker, and then suddenly, he vanished. The umbrella in his hands was getting almost unbearably bright, and he turned to his companions, frozen in place a hundred years away from him on the beach. Then, without a single flicker, he vanished as well.



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