#MWBB 20

Prompt: http://thetsuruokafiles.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/mid-week-blues-buster-week-20/

Nighttime wasn’t much cooler than the afternoon, not on a summer day like this. The only advantage was that the sun went away, but that somehow made the air thicker, and of course, the mosquitoes swarmed endlessly. Allie swatted another one out of the air on her bare thigh, feeling the bug squish through the sweat on her skin, imagining the tiny spark it made as she crushed out its life.

She was tingly that night, an itching that came deep from within. The origin of the itch wasn’t hard to discern, it came from right next to her, on the dock where she’d learned so much about life and death. Lucas’ leg wasn’t touching hers, but she could feel the heat it radiated, and she didn’t pull away, as oppressive as the day was. She wanted nothing more than to be closer to him, but she couldn’t. Allie knew that he was attracted to her – the glances, the laughs, and the flirting had been going on since they’d discovered hormones – but he’d never act. Not with Kylie lying there on his other side, Kylie who didn’t have to keep her leg an inch apart away from Lucas or risk going mad. Kylie who’d told her story after story of their nights, sneaking away to the far side of the lake, or the way he looked when…

“I’m going for a swim. Who’s with me?” Allie slipped a hand in her pocket and took out the thing she carried with her all the time, now that she knew what she was and what she wanted to be. She climbed to her feet, and didn’t look back as she stripped off what little she’d worn to the dock and dove into the water. Kylie would want to tell her off for being so brazen around her boyfriend, but she wouldn’t get that chance. The water was nearly as warm as the air, but it swirled around her and pulled away the frustration as if she was surrounded by healing sprites.

When she was far enough away from the dock that Lucas and Kylie were nothing but outlines against the night, she called to them and waved for them to join her. She almost gasped when they did, wanting nothing more than to feel that part of Lucas she so briefly glimpsed in the moonlight and make him feel the way she did.

But tonight wasn’t the night for that.

Kylie reached her first, giggling in mock disapproval. “Your dad is going to kill us if he catches us. And if he doesn’t, I’m going to kill you for flashing my man.”

Allie’s face was beatific in the wavering reflections of the moonlight, and she smiled at her friend. “Kylie – how long have we been friends?”

“I dunno? Since forever, I think? Why?”

“I wanted you to understand why I did this.” Allie threw her arms around her friend and kissed her soundly. The warmth of her friend’s body shocked her, but that wasn’t what she was interested in, not with Lucas coming up behind. It was just good form to kiss a loved one goodbye, as her grammie had taught her.

Kylie was startled by the kiss, but even more so by the sudden pain as Allie’s switchblade caught her in the stomach and sliced across. She tried to squirm away, but that only made the pain worse. Allie shoved the knife in deeper, harder, puncturing a lung, and she tasted blood through their kiss as Kylie coughed out her last breath.

The spark jumped from Kylie’s eyes into Allie’s, and she was flung backwards, releasing her friend’s corpse as she swam away. The night was no longer warm, but hot, and she was surprised the lake wasn’t boiling around her.

Her head bumped into something as she swam, and she looked up into the dark, shadowed eyes of her former best friend’s boyfriend. He could see her clearly exposed now, and smiled down at her, the hunger in his eyes obvious. Still riding the high from her first kill, Allie flipped over and let him take her in his arms.


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