Five Sentence Fiction – Flight


No moon shone down from the heavens that night, but I had walked this path blindfolded an uncountable number of days as I trained, and light would have only made this more difficult. The cliffs were at their highest this time of year as they rose and fell on seas of magma, pulled to and fro by the moon and stars.

They told me that I could not fly, that I had neither wings, nor magic, nor the favor of the gods, but I came to this place regardless, unwilling to leave my future in the hands of those too afraid to chance their own greatness. For that reason, among many, I was alone – I did not want their doubt to cloud my vision.

I jumped, and the wind whistled past my ears with the echoes of all those who had challenged me, who had told me I could not be what I was; the cacophony of destruction that accompanied my impact with the ground signaled to all who would listen that wishing for the impossible does not give the wingless flight.


7 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Flight”

  1. Well done. I like this.

  2. I guess gravity trumps faith, at least in this instance. Nice job!

  3. That’s quite beautiful.. Perfection..x

  4. Nice take on the prompt. I’ll bet there was a lot of frantic flapping on the way down!

  5. True. Gravity does not care whether you believe in it or not. Nice piece.

  6. Great entry! (Per your usual high standard.) 🙂

  7. Really enjoyed your descriptions. That last sentence is exquisite in its sadness (and inevitability).

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