#VisDare 27 – Bruised

Prompt: http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com/2013/07/visdare-27-bruised.html

Marcie slowly let the front door shut, hoping to ease it past the squeaky spot that her mom refused to fix. The creaking noise was as loud as a gunshot in the quiet house, and she knew that she’d been caught.

“Marcie! Have you been fighting again?” Not only had her attempt to sneak into the house gone awry, but her bangs didn’t even come close to covering the bruises that had sprouted along her right cheekbone, no matter how hard she’d tried to comb them that way.

“Mo-om, I’m fine. It’s nothing.” It wasn’t, and it hurt like the dickens, but she couldn’t say that to her mom, not after she’d promised so many times not to fight anymore.

“Young lady, you lied to me. Was it that Lisa? You know to watch out for her, her and that big mouth she has.”

Marcie hung her head, and let the tears flow for the first time. This was the fifteenth time she’d come home from school with bruises, but nothing she did seemed to stop the other girls from coming after her.

Her mom’s anger softened, and she reached her arms out to hold her sobbing child. “Oh, my dear girl. I know it’s not your fault. We taught you to solve your problems with violence, but these other girls just don’t understand. How many times have I told you?”

Marcie looked up at her mom, and smiled, an awkward thing because of the pain in her cheek. “I know, mom. Stick and stones won’t break no bones, but words will someday kill me.”


One Response to “#VisDare 27 – Bruised”

  1. Yowch. What a perspective check. Now I’d like to know what’s really going down between Marcie and these bullies at school…..well written piece!!!

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