Finish That Thought – 1


Runner up – Special Challenge

Yes, that was the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. Frankly, it might be the stupidest thing anyone has ever done that didn’t involve reality television. Ow, my shoulders hurt like crazy. Can you go look in the cabinet under the sink and see if there’s any Goo Gone?

Sorry. That childproof lock is a pain in the butt to open, I know. But this could have been a lot worse if they could have gotten into the chemicals under there. Safe parenting, you know?

I really should have put a better lock on the door to my lab, but I wanted to be able to hear the kids. Summer vacation has been a bear this year. Too hot to go outside. Always too hot nowadays, not like when we were kids. But heat indices of 135 are nothing to play around with.

So they’re inside. All day. Every day. And going completely insane.

The idea came to me while I was cleaning Cheetos out of the fish filter and wondering how I would ever get all of the laundry done. There were too many of them, and just one of me. No matter how much they deserved it – especially you, you little brat – there wasn’t a good way to have fewer of them, so I decided that maybe there should be more of me.

Yeah, ‘that’s what she said.’ You’re a riot.
I probably should have stopped when the air started shimmering. Or when the cat started barking. That’s a sound that will give you goosebumps.

And I sure as heck should have realized that the little scamps had snuck into my lab when I wasn’t looking.

On the plus side, the machine worked. If I survive this, I might be able to sell it for enough money to feed the horde.

Is horde the wrong word? Flock? Murder?

Murder. Hmmm.


Horde it is.

Once I realized what was going on, I tried to stop it. Of course, by that time, I was outnumbered like twenty to one.

Twenty five to one?

I lost count at some point. If the power hadn’t gone out sometime around midnight, the whole city would be overrun with the little buggers.

Thank you so much for calming them down. I’d forgotten that we had that many episodes of Dinosaur Train on the DVR.

Now, if only I hadn’t left the duct tape where they could get to it. It’s going to take hours to get me down from the ceiling.


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