Monday Mixer, week 22?


“Don’t be mingy with the hops! Last time, the entire batch spoilt before I could get to Knightsbridge, and the entire trip was a waste. Just like you, ill-gotten son of…”

Merl ignored his master’s latest obloquy and went back to prepping the mash for the shandygaff. Truth was, the old fool had been flensing the moldy fat from weeks-old mutton and hadn’t noticed the debris flying into the vat. He actually wished the batch had made it to Knightsbridge and poisoned the lot of them. It would have been worth it to make the torturous ride over the mountains to see that.

Smiling, he set down the stirring stick and walked away from the nascent brew and headed over to the refuse bin, rifling through the last day’s leavings. Maybe his master would gambol with death, too, and his protracted servitude would finally be the panacea he’d dreamt of.

Over-achiever (used all 9.)


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