Five Sentence Fiction – Wisdom


The fruit settled into her hand, red and full and heavy, and even though she’d never beheld one before, her mouth started to water.

“Well, are you going to eat it, or not?”

“Do you want it – I mean, first?” He nodded, and she lowered it into his waiting mouth, licking her own lips as she saw the juice run down over his chin.

He chewed, and felt the universe open to him – all of it, not just what he’d been allowed to know – and held the apple out to her, smiling.


8 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Wisdom”

  1. This little change of roles may be the real truth, but the species needed a sympathetic character to blame for posterity.

    Nice twist!

    Od Liam

  2. I like this a lot. Great spin!

  3. Love it.. Such diversity every week…xx

  4. I love your mind in this write. To rewrite…wonder…rethink what might have been.

  5. Fantastic FSF writing, I entered this world of temptation and found myself wrapped in your words. Love how you used the picture as well as the word for inspiration. You told this tale well.

  6. Read this after adding my story to the collection! Good slant on the familiar theme!

  7. A very interesting little twist to an oft story. Nicely done!

  8. Fantastic, always good to read a twist on the oldest story of all 🙂

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