Thurs Threads – week 79


Adam had thought himself an honest person. He paid his bills on time, didn’t put his thumb on the scale at his butcher’s shop, and he told the IRS the year they’d given him too large a refund. He’d never come close to cheating on his wife, and he counted all the strokes when he played golf. Adam thought of himself as a man with no secrets.

No secrets worth keeping, anyway.

He didn’t see the school bus that was rounding the corner too fast, or the driver that was distracted by a fight in the back, and he died completely unaware that he’d taken his last breath. The universe had kept that a secret from him.

Because death is not the end, but a beginning, Adam watched his friends and family walk solemnly into the church for his funeral from behind a curtain. As they sat, he learned something marvelous. No living being can keep knowledge from the dead. He learned of the men his wife had screwed at work. The money his employees took out of the till. His son’s drug habit. His daughter’s abortions. All of the times people laughed at him, thinking him simple and naïve.

As Adam sifted through their minds, he wondered what they’d think of him now. As he tied their lifelines together in intricate patterns, bringing about untold miseries, he realized he finally had a secret worth keeping. They were all puppets, and he was their new master.


2 Responses to “Thurs Threads – week 79”

  1. Brilliant. Is there any chance you’ll write anymore short pieces using this? A piece of flash for each of the characters he deems to have is revenge against?

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