Monday Mixer, week 23


“Let the music beguile you. Feel it flow into your ears. Hear the notes not played, and the magic will rise.”

I let the fortune-teller natter on and did my best to ignore the discordant music. It might work on the yokels, but I knew what had taken place here, just behind the threadbare curtain that she used to separate the front room where she fleeced tourists from her kitchen.

The fortune-teller waved a bright green fandangle in front of my face, and I had a vision of her sitting in a boat, trying to reel in a large-mouthed bass, only I was even less interested in the lure than most fish were.

If she’d had even a little insight, she’d have seen what I was here for, and it wasn’t a reading. She’d also have seen it coming, the wallop my partner landed on the back of her head.


2 Responses to “Monday Mixer, week 23”

  1. Ha ha, great use of reeling them in!

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