VisDare 29 – Pensive


“You’ve been lost in thought for a whole week, dearie,” Nana said. “His Lordship awaits an answer.”

Larissa slumped back in her chair and pulled her headscarf over her eyes. “But what can I say? He’s a wicked man.”

“Aye, that he is.”

“He’ll hurt me!”

“Aye, he probably will.”

“And you would have me go with him?”

Nana nodded. “Aye, and I’d have you stop fretting about it, too.”

“What’s wrong with you, Nana? Do you want me to suffer his wickedness?”

“Oh, stop yer complaining, girlie. We need the dowry money, though he could have been more generous, and you deserve one such as him.”


“Don’t play coy with me. I’ve seen you with the kittens at the river. You’ve got the dark in you, and you always have.”

Larissa’s head jerked up, her eyes alight with fury. “If I have the dark, it’s because of you … witch!”

“Aye. My get was always burdened with that chance. Your Mama didn’t, and none of your brothers do, but you…it bred true in you.

“Why do you think we only let you till the north fields? They’re the smallest, and the easiest, and little Lucius has that bad leg – those fields should be his. But naught that grows there is fit for eating by anything but the pigs. That’s your doing. You poison the earth with your very touch. And when you’re gone, we’ll be able to sell that food again, and provide dowry for your brothers to marry.”

“I should kill you for that, old woman.”

“But you won’t. Not yet. I’ve seen my death, and it does not come at your hand.”

Larissa turned and marched through the door, slamming the wood into splinters behind her.

“It comes at his.”


2 Responses to “VisDare 29 – Pensive”

  1. This has some excellent possibilities for further development. Hope you’ll expand it somewhere.

    • I actually think it connects to another set of stories I’ve worked on (tagged: MommyDaddy), but I have to explore that more. Thank you!

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