Five Sentence Fiction – Limitless


Pauline glanced up from her phone as she cut off the school bus, but there was time for no more, so there was the crash, and the screaming, and then the dark that was not dark, and the end that was not the end. She soared into the long grey, the life-between-lives where all were judged and most were found wanting. More wanting than most, her time in the grey was long, but not limitless, and the consequences of all her selfish choices were determined by the powers that had assumed that authority after the need for God was eliminated. The powers were vindictive, and cruel, and loved nothing more than the suffering of others, and they considered asking her to join them, but her crimes against others were too petty for the cosmic court. And so she returned to Earth, to be immersed in the cauldron of malice and greed again, for one day she would be ready for hate, and immortality.


3 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Limitless”

  1. Dark and gloomy doom!

    There is no redemption, it seems so crazy to choose that fate.

    A wonderful tale of sadness that few people believe possible.

    I liked it!

  2. Wow, dark and intense little tale!

  3. Heather @gardenofedits Says:

    Very nice. I love this!

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