VisDare 30: Basking


For Whom the World is not Enough, the Heavens Will Answer

Balthazar was born into power, the eldest son of a king with dreams of empire. In time, he came into his inheritance, and set about ruling the world. His methods were brutish, his drive unending, until the day came when there were no more lands to conquer, no more people to enslave. During the day, he looked upon his world with satisfaction, but no joy. For at night, the gods revealed the multiplicity of worlds, each denied to him, each mocking him with its unattainability.

He commanded his brightest and strongest to build him a mirror, that he might call to the stars and summon them to his demesne. They cleansed the Earth of its gold to build his greatest work, in the valley between the equatorial mountains. Parabolic, smoother than any glass ever touched by man, it would reflect the noontime sun to all who could see. For Balthazar, they build a mighty throne, and mightier gears to raise it above the valley, so that he could bask in the wonder of his dominion.

Balthazar was an elderly man the day his dreams came to fruition, but hale as a man half his age. He climbed aboard his throne and rode its glory high above his lands, higher indeed than any man other than he had dreamt of soaring. The solstice sun rose over the horizon, swollen and red, burnishing to a bright gold by the time it neared noon. He held his arms out in ecstasy as it reached the apex of its journey, bathed in reflected light from his beacon to the stars, light that was too bright even for his eyes to witness. As the concentrated light focused on his throne, the noon-time sun was witness to his immolation, and the brightest and strongest men watched with much glee as their tyrant’s ashes wafted into the sky.


2 Responses to “VisDare 30: Basking”

  1. Thus should end all tyrants! An enjoyable read of a prompt well written 😉

  2. Well, that put my tale to shame 🙂 lol! Great language that swept me along in his tyranny.

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