Monday Mixer, week 24

Kylie lay back on the duvet, her mercurial grin prefacing the usual spraddle of her legs, knees pointed to opposite walls, pulling the denim taut around her. She knew what that did to me, but I was safe – her word – and so I focused on my tremulous hands and cursed my weakness. I knew how easy it would be to bruit her dirty laundry around campus; she told me everything, but she had enough obstreperous men in her life. The blood was pounding in my eyes by the time she’d run through her faux confessional, her stories covering a gamut of activities I could only imagine. Her phone trilled, and she hopped up from the bed, late for her next class. I pretended I didn’t see how she bounced out of my room and through the door, my “everything is copacetic” smile plastered to the kludge that was my face.


2 Responses to “Monday Mixer, week 24”

  1. Ha ha, if only she knew…unrequited love eh?

    • In mind she does know, but likes playing him for the fool. And he’s too weak to do anything about it. Can’t say I like either of them, but that’s the story. 😉

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