Monday Mixer, Week 25

Shading his eyes from the glare of the sun as he emerged from behind the shadow of the moon, Death paused to consider Atlas spinning the Earth slowly around its axis. The god was perfect, a combination of marble and aether, and he supported his eternal burdens on nothingness. Death was feeling pawky that day, and after some ruminating, angled his billhook to reflect the sunlight into Atlas’ eyes. The semi-somnolent god blenched at the unexpected pain, and the Earth slipped off his shoulders, rolling down his magnificent arms until it landed with a plonk in the nothingness. The jolt sparged Southeast Asia, killing 1.2 million in great floods, and sparked a zephyr in northern Kansas, flipping up the skirt of a humorless scold who delighted in sticking her nose in everyone else’s business and showed the world her deepest shame. Atlas shrugged, and bent down to re-assume his burden. 



7 Responses to “Monday Mixer, Week 25”

  1. Great theory. You used the prompt words quite skillfully. Well done.

  2. So THAT’s how tsunami happen?

  3. I agree; you’ve made it look very easy and it flows beautifully. x

  4. This idea is great, had to look really hard to find the words they fit so well, fantastic job.

  5. Very interesting mix and a good story. Nicely done.

  6. Wonderful flow, I love how every word fits and nothing looks forced…great writing!

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