Five Sentence Fiction – Bliss


The magical ribbon whirled in the ancient arcs, tracing out the runes that protected the Earth from the invasion. My chubby arms struggled to control the red fabric, and my toothless mouth was ill-prepared to form the incantations, but I did well enough, and flopped over on the ground, searching for the bottle containing the liquor that sustained me through my exertions. It had rolled away as I’d called on the spirits, and I was too weak to get it, though the life-giving liquid dripped slowly from the tip, and I had to wait for my acolyte to fetch it for me.

“I swear, we buy all these toys for you, and the thing that makes you happiest in the world is your big sister’s old hair ribbon. Here’s your milk, big guy – try not to spill it all over the floor this time.”


One Response to “Five Sentence Fiction – Bliss”

  1. A nice flash piece. You can also find a great flash collection with Red Dyer and her Flash in the Pan fiction challenge. Red collects 250 flash pieces in a quarterly publication and the deadline for this iteration is September 30th. Check it out here:

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