VisDare 33 – Indifferent


The Angels of Death stepped out into the blood rain, parasols arrayed to keep their perfect clothes unblemished. Three sisters, born to a farmer and his wife in western Pennsylvania, they had visions of their destiny from birth, before they could understand words, before they could interpret images. For their fifth birthday, they killed their father, pushing him into the well behind the farm. For their tenth, their mother, turning the gas on the stove and hiding outside while she lit candles for their cake.

By the time they were twenty, the world population peaked, and by thirty, there were less than one billion souls inhabiting the Earth. On the day of their greatest victory, the Angels of Death stepped over puddles of the dead, walking through the canyons of Michigan Avenue. There was no joy in meeting their goals, only a bit of melancholy that their work was done.


3 Responses to “VisDare 33 – Indifferent”

  1. It’s all so exciting whilst there’s a goal to aim for, isn’t it. Even that kind of goal…. Brilliant story!

  2. I really enjoyed your interpretation of the prompt – you painted the Angels so well. Love the image of them walking over puddles of the dead.

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