Five Sentence Fiction – Fabric


The wool of my pants felt rough and unnatural next to the soft, smoothly-woven cotton of my shirt, but I ignored the dichotomy as best I could and tried to focus on the task. From my vantage point, I saw the nylon first, her leg arching out of the cab, reaching for the curb, then the flow of her rayon sundress, clinging to the curves I dreamt about nightly. She slid effortlessly into my arms as I kissed her, the dress revealing to my hands what my eyes could not see – lace and silk, and not much of either. Later, the latex in the gloves I wore as I choked the life out of her, her arms restrained by hemp ropes looped around the bedposts. The plastic tarp kept most of the blood off the floor in the bathroom as I dismembered her, but it and the rags I used to bleach my impromptu abattoir went into the plastic garbage bags, along with what was left of her corpse. 


9 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Fabric”

  1. There’s a lot of different fabrics in this story! But it would seem to me there are better things to do than kil her! But, yeah, I know, that’s not the way the story goes…

  2. In a terrifying way, very pleasing!

  3. What a surprise ending!

  4. I like how the precise description of each fabric possibly plays into his obsessive compulsion. I like this story very much.

  5. Creepy but effective. Well done!

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