MWBB – week 27


The moon was fat and red, hanging low in the eastern sky, and the bark of the bare birch trees looked diseased and bloody. Allie shuddered, the cold seeping in through her thin jacket as she struggled to wake up after a day of restless sleep. Her boots crunched over the icy snow, just a layer over the dirt this far south as she made her way over to Billy’s Gator Hole, and her steps fell into rhythm with the thumping bassline making its way through the night. She’d spent every night this week at Billy’s, draining his stock of Shiner’s and fending off his advances – well, most nights. Their coupling on the rough wooden floor two nights ago had been sloppy and nauseating, and did nothing to scratch the itch that had been growing deep within her. She’d had to pretend to be fighting off cramps all night to keep him at bay last night, and she was sure tonight he’d be even more pushy. But there was nowhere else within walking distance to get drunk in this shitty little fuckhole of a town, and if she had to face the day without medication, she’d just explode.

Billy’s was packed tonight, and she knew that more than half the eyes in the room were glued to her ass as she walked up to the bar. In the old days, she’d have taken care of these rednecks without a second thought, but she wasn’t interested in the little lives of little men, not when she knew there were bigger prizes out there. But they’d gotten a little too close to her in Phoenix, and she couldn’t stop bullets – not yet. Billy was busy with some loudmouth in the corner, and Missy, his assistant/part-time entertainment handed her a bottle without a word. God, how Missy survived around these assholes without braining them was a mystery Allie was not smart enough to solve.

She leaned against the bar and tilted back the bottle, downing half of it in one swallow. The music changed to some raunchy blues song, and she let the music carry her away as she felt the first tingle from the beer. It wasn’t as good as a spark, but it was something, a bit of methadone for her habit. Missy popped the cap off another Shiner’s and set it on the bar behind her, and Allie allowed herself a little smile as she drained the last of the one in her hand. One of life’s great simple pleasures – a bartender who knew what you wanted and shut the fuck up.

By her third beer, Allie was beginning to relax a bit, shrugging her denim jacket from her shoulders as she grew warm both from the outside and the inside. Billy flashed her his most charming-ish smile from the other side of the room, and she began to rethink whether she’d end up with before sunup. She was trying to decide which smile to give him when the door flew open. At first, she thought it was the wind, slamming it back against the outside of the Gator Hole, but that’s when she saw him.

In a dim room, a candle can hurt your eyes, and this guy was no candle. He was two steps short of a fuckin’ nova, and everyone turned to stare, though only one person in the room knew what she was looking at. Hell, this guy didn’t even know what he was, but he knew he was something as he headed straight for Billy and shot him between the eyes, without so much as a “Hello” or “Motherfucker.”

As Billy’s body thumped to the floor, the only sounds in the room were the wailing of a damned awesome guitar, and the man turned to face the crowd, his face split in a grin that made it clear he didn’t care if they ran or not – he had all night. Allie turned away from him and picked up the next bottle that Missy had set behind her. The screams started, and so did the gunshots, but she ignored all of it. She was rusty, but oh so hungry, and the time for fasting was through.


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