#ThursThreads 84

Prompt: http://siobhanmuir.blogspot.com/2013/08/thursthreads-challenge-that-ties-tales_22.html

A bit of a different story for me…

Laura ran her finger around the rim of her martini glass, watching the liquid inside bounce back and forth off the sides and giggled. She hadn’t let go like this in a long time, and her third (or was it fourth?) drink of the night had her feeling more than a little restless and more than a lot horny. She squirmed against the hard wood of the stool, wishing that she could be sitting on something entirely different.

Or someone. Like her husband, glowing his own bad self from the whiskey he’d been downing all night and leaning somewhat unsteadily against the bar next to her, talking to the bartender about the ballgame on the TV. He’d been ready for her all day – it wasn’t that often that they had an evening to themselves without the kids – and it was time.

Laura downed the rest of her drink and slid down off her stool, her dress slipping up just a little bit higher than she’d have allowed if she wasn’t this drunk and this aroused. She staggered slightly – oh, the walk back to their room wasn’t going to be the least bit dignified – and leaned up to whisper in his ear. “Do I get a head start, or do you want to try to keep up with me?” She darted her tongue against his ear and slipped a hand around the front of his pants – just for a second – and then was gone. 


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