Monday Mixer


Shambling past the catacombs, the acolyte lifted her luminary and peered around the corner. The dungeons had a slapdash look, assembled after the cardinals announced the changes coming to the church.

The prelate at the front of the room was sweaty and red in the face, spittle flying from his mouth as he berated the brown-robed man cringing in front of him.

“…done nothing wrong! I’ve protected the church. This whole argument is predicated on a liberal version of the gospel that would undermine everything…”

The acolyte continued past the room, letting the prelate’s ranting fade into discordant echoes. Things were changing, and she was one of the most obvious signs of that change. The prelate had made it clear that she had something to fear from him. She knew one day it would be safe for her to walk unaccompanied in the halls, but today was not that day.


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