Flash!Friday #39

Prompt: http://flashfriday.wordpress.com/2013/08/30/flash-friday-39/

With Apologies to Rosemary Wells

Jackson tripped over his briefcase on his way out the door, banging his shin on the coatrack.

The bus was overcrowded, and he had to stand between two men who hadn’t bathed since the Reagan administration.

At work, his boss was mean, because his wife had threatened to leave over his uncontrolled drinking, and he took out his misplaced anger on his subordinates.

The line at the bistro was too long at lunch, so Jackson ended up eating a Big Mac, again, and spilling secret sauce on his tie.

He had to stay so late at work, his girlfriend told him not to bother calling anymore, and went out to the bars with her “friend” Mike.

At home much too late, he dropped his last Coors Light on the floor, and realized his neighbors were having a wild party which would keep him up all night.

Jackson needs a visit to the Bunny Planet.

Far beyond the moon and stars, twenty light years south of Mars, spins the gentle Bunny Planet, and the bunny queen is Janet.

“Jackson,” Janet says, “Come in. Here’s the day that should have been.”

The table walks to my front, and sits down there, with barely a thump.

The drink on top is whiskey neat, with more than just a hint of peat.

The fairy queen flies in, bright and beautiful without and within.

She brings a magical steed, for me to ride and do great deeds.

We say grace and bow our heads, giving thanks to gods alive and gods dead.

Ahead lay quests, and dragons, and magic, with no remnant of a life all a-tragic.

We fly away, but not too fast, I’m staring at her fairy ass.

At midnight, I awaken to an oddly quiet apartment. The light from the Bunny Planet shone down from the window. “It was there all along!”


One Response to “Flash!Friday #39”

  1. Oh. My. Blog. That is freaking amazing! You hit pay dirt with the secret-sauce tie, then reeled it in with the visit to the bunny planet!!! I bow before you, avert my gaze, and gracefully exit, though I MIGHT have slightly tipped over one of the fashionable suits of armor on my way out…

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