Five Sentence Fiction – Thunder


I slowly shifted my body against the damp sheets, trying not to wake her up, but on nights like this, I just stuck to everything in the bed. The crickets outside the window chirped their messages of food and sex, and the noises reverberated around my mind like the thoughts I couldn’t find a way to quell. I was flawed, and weak, unable to make the changes I swore daily I’d make – failing her, failing the kids, failing myself. The windchimes rattled, and the crickets quieted, and a cooling breeze forced its way through the room as the calm of the night was set aside, replaced by nature’s fury. Fat, heavy raindrops began beating against the side of the house, my retinas blasted by the first crack of lightning, and the deep rumbles carried me off to a dreamless sleep.


3 Responses to “Five Sentence Fiction – Thunder”

  1. The third sentence especially fascinates me: so much emotion crammed into so few words. Well done!

  2. A simple, yet intense story.

  3. Real life feelings and thoughts. Good job!

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