Monday Mixer, week 28


She walked into the club at the height of the evening’s festivities, an exemplar of the type this dump attracted – vainglorious wannabes who thought tight pants, muscles, and artfully displayed décolletage were adequate substitutes for being interesting. There were a slew of targets for her on a night like this, more than a handful already ensorcelled by her prodigal assets, wrapped for the occasion in supple leather which left little to the imagination, not that they had any. On a normal night, she would have looked for the most easily debilitated subject that met her needs and taken him out into the alley, but this wasn’t a normal night. The spirits were getting fractious, and they’d kept her up all day with their bickering over the last soul in the cupboard. They typified exasperating, worse than toddlers on a sugar high, but she needed them to survive the coming war.

Overachiever – used all 9 words.


One Response to “Monday Mixer, week 28”

  1. Amazing how mind-blowing these stories become just by threading them together with a list of cool words as a framework. I love this. “Vainglorious wannabes” is a catchy phrase btw!!!

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