VisDare 35: Ephemeral


“…and that’s where we hung the sonuvabitch. Not much left of him now, though, not after the crows got done with him.”

“That’s gruesome, Mabel. They just gonna leave what’s left up there?”

“You always were the squeamish type, wasn’t ya. Couldn’t even help Ma gut the cows, had to run off into the basement with Pa.”

“I’d rather of been gutting cows. You ever go down there with him?”

“Naw. Said it was men’s work, but I ent never seen a man as squeamish about blood. How much men’s work could there be among the canned jellys?”

“Mebbe you shouldn’t speak until you know. Pa didn’t get killed by no damned jelly.”

“What’s down there, Mr. Big Shot?”

“The veil.”

“What? Like Ma’s hitchin’ dress?”

“No, moron. Like the veil between the dark and the light. That sonavbitch up there? He saved you more times than you could count.”


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