Five Sentence Fiction – Beauty


The air was crisp and dry, with just the barest hint of a breeze, and Jenny flexed her fingers, trying to keep them from getting stiff in the cold. Kneeling on the frozen dirt, she sighted through the telescope again, adjusting the controls just a bit…there…and lingering in front of the lens to stare at M16. The views she got on nights like this didn’t compare with the staggering shots from the Hubble, but nothing else compared to the experience of seeing the ancient light with her own eyes, imagining the stars being born, and dying, back when people on this planet were still turning into humans. There wasn’t anything alive out here in the fields with her tonight, as cold as it was, but she didn’t feel alone, not with millions of worlds looking down at her, sharing their light and their warmth, however distant. She clicked the camera shutter open and let the eons pile up on the CCD chip inside.

4 replies on “Five Sentence Fiction – Beauty”

On a clear night, up at my parents who live way out in the hills, you can see the whole ‘arm’ of the Milky Way stretching right across our heads! I remember standing outside with my Dad as he explained the stars to me when I was small…
This is true beauty!

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