VisDare 36 – Implore


“Any last words?”

I struggled to focus on who was speaking, but it was hard. The whole world was a haze, and my ears were clogged, like I’d just gotten out of the water and hadn’t had a chance to clear them.

“Whuuu?” I couldn’t really move my tongue, and something seemed to have grabbed my hand, keeping me from using it to try to regain some clarity.

“Oh. It appears the sedative is working too quickly. No matter. I’ll compose something appropriately eloquent for your plaque.” The speaker stepped closer, looking me straight in the eyes. Ah. That’s who it was. My pupils widened slightly, but I could no longer produce any sounds.

“You will make such an exquisite addition to my collection, my dear. Some say I demean women, putting them on display like this, but I cherish you. I’m preserving your beauty forever. Goodbye, my lovely daughter.”


3 Responses to “VisDare 36 – Implore”

  1. OI. You sure know how to pack a punch!!! Great entry!! Always love to see your name pop up on the roster. πŸ˜€

  2. Nice! Creepy! I like creepy. πŸ˜€

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