VisDare 37: Trajectory


Randall was 35 when he figured out what the ticking sound was. It had been there his whole life, and while it never bothered him, he’d never known quiet, never experienced true silence, and more than anything, never knew what it was or what it meant.

The day he died, the ticking was louder than ever. He’d had to ask the barista three times what she’d said to him when he picked up his morning latte and his boss had called him into her office for a conversation about why he’d been so distracted.

At lunchtime, he stepped out into the canyons formed by glass and steel. For the first time, the ticking seemed to be coming from a particular direction. Looking northward, he saw the hands of the great clock of his life coming together. The pain in his chest started just as the alarm bell rang.


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