Mid-week Blues Buster week 31

Prompt: http://thetsuruokafiles.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/mid-week-blues-buster-week-31/

A cloud passed in front of the moon just as Allie crested the hill outside her family home, and she arrived at the lake in near-total darkness. Anyone could be hiding down there, although not from her – there weren’t any sparks in sight. The lake house had been abandoned for five years, ever since she killed her father and started her search, and she hoped she hadn’t left anyone enough of a trail to find her, at least for a while.

Getting out of LA had been a bitch. She’d underestimated quite how many people were after her, and it hadn’t been until she’d taken the spark from the overnight gas station attendant just outside of town that Allie had been able to get her hands on enough cash and a car to make her way east. Any one of the bastards who’d been after her wouldn’t have been a threat, but she couldn’t risk having all of them catch up to her, not when she’d gotten so close to her target.

The memories were thick as she made her way down to the dock, the path coming automatically to her feet from a thousand trips in the dark. The lake was where she learned what having power over life and death really meant. It’s where she’d taken a life the first time and learned what the sparks were for, although it was years before she knew what her purpose was. Allie sat down on the edge of the dock, her toes dragging into the still water, swollen with recent rains, and tried to calm her racing heart. She hadn’t anticipated having this strong a reaction to being here again. A shiver came over her and she grew dizzy. “Worn out from the race across the country,” she thought, and lay back on the dock, falling asleep even before her head hit the wood.

Allie knew before her eyes opened that she wasn’t alone. The presence she felt wasn’t one of the people she’d pissed off in LA, which should have served to calm her, but she could barely concentrate for all of the alarm bells going off in her head. It was already hot, and bright, and she gently opened her eyes, tilting her head back to see who’d found her. She could have played coy, but that wasn’t her style. Her companion was young, hardly more than a boy, his bright red hair aflame in the sunlight. He was catching flies between her finger and her thumb, watching them squirm, and then crushing them into goo with a giggle at the barely-perceptible spark.

“Welcome home, Allie.” She squinted, trying to see into him, but while he was clearly sitting in front of her, she could see nothing more of him. “Yeah, don’t do that.”

His voice was deeper than she’d expected, and she realized she might very well have misjudged his age. She changed tactics, smiling at him, remembering the power she’d held over a man his age on this very dock. “Or what?”

“Don’t do that, either. Lucas was a simpleton. You’re the one who’s been chasing me for years – do you really think so little of me?

“And there’s no or anything. I tell you what you can and cannot do, and then you choose whether you will listen. There’s no more or less to life than that.” He crushed another fly and wiped its remains on his jeans.


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