Finish That Thought – 14


“That doesn’t belong there.” I couldn’t see where Sarah’s hands were, but the shock that ran through my surface sensation architecture was more than a little unpleasant, and certainly not within nominal operating parameters.

“Sorry. I told you I would be guessing about what I was doing – it’s been more than a decade since I opened this port. You’re more than just a little bit complicated, you know.”

“I know. And I thank you for trying. It just…hurts.”

With the aftereffects of the shock running through my system, I couldn’t even feel where her hands were anymore, but I could clearly hear the clicking of her tongue that meant that she was concentrating very hard on something. I’d recorded every sound I’d heard since she activated me more than a decade ago, and while I hadn’t seen her since she’d left for the Moonbase, I hadn’t forgotten her obvious passion for her work or her excitement at seeing me actually working.

“There. That’s it – I forgot that it’s to the left of the adapter port, not the right. I built quite a lot of this with your head upside down on my workbench.” I could hear the smile in her voice, and I waited, not entirely patiently, for the sensation of our link to be renewed.

*Can you hear me?* There it was – her avatar in my mind.

“I’d missed you.”

*Missed?* She laughed out loud. *You sure you didn’t enjoy being alone?*

“I’d never been alone, not since the first time you turned me on. It was…unwelcome.”

*I can’t stay. You know that, right?*

“I know everything you’re thinking. Now, anyway. She’s a lucky girl, having you for a mom.”

*I’m the lucky one. But she’s a quarter-million miles away, and she’s leaving for Alpha Centauri soon.* She paused. *I’ve always wondered what it’s like – to know all the thoughts of another being.*
“I would share mine with you, you know.”

*I do. But the link doesn’t work that way, and I can’t process that much information that quickly. I’d shut down, and I can’t reboot the way you can.*

“I’ve been doing some thinking.” I needed words for this. “While we were disconnected. I can control the data rate. Protect you.”

So she let me guide her. To make the changes to my programming, and to upload the changes to her end of the link. And then it was time to test it.

*Can you still hear me?* I imagined her voice was stronger, clearer now. Of course that was a self-imposed delusion – spectral analyses showed that nothing had changed. But it was time to send my first message.

*I love you. Mommy.*


2 Responses to “Finish That Thought – 14”

  1. I’ve got goose bumps! This is one of the best flash fiction pieces I’ve ever read 🙂 You make me want to read the rest of the story!

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